Online buying tips.

Good things about shopping for a monument online.

1.)    You can view a large selection of headstones quickly.

2.)    If you don’t mind a lot of extra work and risk… you may save a little money.


Risk/inconvenience of buying online.

1.)    Because granite is a natural product what you see on line may not look the same once delivered.  Many types of granite have large grain patterns and colors that vary from one piece to another.

2.)    Size is very hard to judge in a photo and you may end up with something smaller or larger than what your cemetery allows or you want.

3.)    Many costs are not included at most internet stores, such as shipping/receiving, installation/setting and foundation.

4.)    Cost to adjust from a standard product, such as adding your family name on back or an epitaph can be extreme.

5.)    You may not be made aware of many required options such as a penciled edge or sawed sides on a flush marker.  Items like a polished margin on a marker base may never be given to you.

6.)    If there is a problem, it is hard to hold a company out of state or in China accountable for fixing it.  Especially when they have been paid already.

7.)    In many cases, it is almost impossible to find someone to receive the marker and set it up properly at the cemetery.  Most monument weight in excess of 1,000 pounds and need to be jointed together so water does not get in the joint between pieces and cause the tablet to slide off in winter due to freezing.

8.)    Most internet stores want cash up front prior to doing anything for you, so you are risking everything with no leverage to motivate someone out of state or country to do what they were hired for.


Reasons to buy from a Patten Monument Company distributor.


1.)    In most cases, you’ve already done business with our distributor and know they will look out for you and your loved ones best interest.

2.)    We deliver to most all Michigan cemeteries on a biweekly basis and our fully trained staff sets up your monument on the gravesite. With the few exceptions where the cemetery requires they install the marker on the grave site and we simply deliver to them.

3.)    Our distributors are fully aware of all your options and cemetery requirements and are able to explain them to you and not waste your time on items you are restricted from having by your cemetery.

4.)    You not only get the best guarantee from Michigan’s premier monument company that has been serving Michigan families since 1917 but... our distributors also fully guarantee our memorials and most of them have been serving their communities for 2 or 3 generations.

5.)    Because anyone can adjust their quality to accommodate a lower price in ways most people would not notice, Patten offers a “Value Guarantee”.  We will match any competitor’s legitimate price without adjusting our first class quality and workmanship.

6.)    We offer headstones from the simplest marker to very large estate features, from traditions styling’s to the most contemporary unique pieces you can imagine. 

7.)    With our manufacturing plant in Comstock Park (a suburb of Grand Rapids) you can come and actually see your memorial being made should you choose to.

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