The Language of Flowers


Acanthus- Symbol of Heavenly Gardens
Evening Primrose- Lasting Love; Memory; Youth and Sadness
Calla Lilly- Majestic beauty, Marriage Lily- Purity, Innocence, Virginity, Heavenly Bliss, The Virgin, The Annunciation, Our Lord’s Human Nature
Christmas Rose- Nativity of Our Lord
Clematis- Symbol of Mental Beauty
Cultivated Rose- The flower of Venus, goddess of love, Symbol of our lady and of love, and indicative of Heavenly Joy
Dogwood- Symbol of Regeneration- Divine sacrifice and triumph of eternal life
Gladiolus- Symbol of the Incarnation
Daisy- The Christ Child’s Innocency; youth; The Sun of Righteousness
Holly- Christmas, A symbol of the Passion of Christ
Anemone- Symbol of Immortality, Resurrection
Iris- Symbol of Eloquence; a Message; Protection. Taken as an allusion to the sorrow of the Virgin at the Passion of Christ
Ivy- The Ivy has always been closely identified with Death and Immortality.  It is a symbol of Fidelity and Eternal life, and Undying Affection
Laurel- The laurel symbolizes Triumph, Eternity and Chastity, Reward and Victory  
Lily of the Valley- Symbol of the Advent of Christ. Purity and Humility
Morning Glory- Symbol of the Resurrection, Morning; Youth; Bonds of Love
Narcissus-The Triumph of Divine Love, Sacrifice, Eternal Life Over Death Selfishness, and Sin
Oak leaf- Symbol of Strength; of Faith and Virtue, and of the Endurance of the Christian against adversity
Poppy- Symbol of Fertility, Sleep, Rest, Peace
Grape & Vine- Symbol of Our Lord and his followers, The Church and Unity
Passion Flower- Symbol of Christ, Christ’s Passion and Death; Redemption; Crucifixion
Pansy- The Pansy is a symbol of Remembrance and Meditation
Hollyhock- Symbol of Ambition and Fecundity
Shamrock- Symbol of the Trinity and St. Patrick
Thistle- Scotland, Symbol of Earthly Sorrow and Sin 
Bluebell - Symbol of Constancy, Sorrowful Regret
Tulip- Symbol of Charity and the Declaration of Love
Wild Rose- Symbol of Love and the Love of Our Lord

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