Commonly used granites in Michigan

These are but a small sampling of the many different granites used here in Michigan.  Although we have access to all the granite colors the monument industry offers, the colors below are the ones Patten Monument keeps, in various sizes and styles, in our inventory.   Granites ranging from gray, to green, to blue, even multi colored with a swirling effect, can be found in most cemeteries.  Some granites are quarried here in the USA while others are imported from overseas.  All of these are monument grade quality and fully guaranteed.  St. Albans Pink is primarily used as a backing for bronze memorials because it complements the color of bronze, however, it does not contrast well for sandblast engraving.

The following granites are a very small sample of granites available to you as a special custom order. Please allow 90 to 180 days for delivery of your marker to the cemetery, starting from the time you approve the layout design we send you.  If you do not see a color you want... contact us, we would be happy to get it for you.

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